Monday, April 29, 2013

Now On Facebook!

Hello everyone!

Since it is a beautiful sunny day here at Mommy, In Demand I thought I would share some equally exciting and sunny news.

*Drums Rolling*

Mommy, In Demand is now officially on facebook!!!

That's right. I finally took the high dive off the social media platform.

It was a scary jump (with facebook the numbers don't lie!) but I made it through.

Be sure to jump on over and "like" me to keep up on all the fun posts and new adventures I'm bound to have. With Spring Cleaning Month starting on WEDNESDAY, I wouldn't want you to miss out on a thing!

So go.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reasoning with a Rag-A-Muffin (A Follow-up Post)

Last month I wrote the post Raising a Rag-A-Muffin, which laid out the bad dressing habits of my newly turned 6 year old.

I explained how my son, much to my avail, dressed like a Rag-a-muffin every day for school. I believe the exact description I used was:

"...full on rag-a-muffin style: mismatched clothes with uncombed hair, holes in the knees of his pants (that I've patched and replaced and he STILL picks the ones with holes) and nasty little boy shoes. The Works."

And, despite my many attempts to change it (persuasion, bargaining, and bribery), there just seemed to be nothing I could do about it.  

I was fated to be the mom with the messy, smelly kid.

And through this post I was thrilled to learn that I was not the only mom faced with such a destiny.

You all had so many great stories and some great advice for me!

Such as reminding me that it's good for my son to not care about other peoples opinions. And to let him just be happy and healthy, and also giving me the idea to just staple a sign on his back that says, "I dressed myself today" (which if all else fails I'm DEFINITELY doing).

So, because of everyone who took the time to reach out and respond to my dilemma I just knew I had to up-date you on the dressing devastation at the Larios household.

Which has actually, through many hours of plotting and planning on my part, greatly improved.

I got the idea from Andrea at be-quoted and Lisa from Notes from the Shallow End to pick out two outfits and let him choose which one he'd like to wear that day (or the next day because we pick out our clothes the night before).

And I have to say as wonderful as that idea was (and for a normal child may work) my son didn't go for it.

The little brat He would see something I grabbed for one outfit, go to his drawer and pull out something (sweats, holey shirt, or whatever was grimy enough to catch his attention) that he wanted to wear with it and wouldn't budge on his decision.

End of discussion.

End of the world if you argued.

Just...the end.

Which quickly put an end to that.

I'm no dummy, when I see a lost cause I call it and move on to the next technique.

I even tried to enforce the "it's these 2 or you lose a toy/privilege/desert after dinner" thing.


That was a joy.

After much debating back and forth he'd agree and the next morning STILL wear what he'd picked out to begin with.

Then I was faced with the decision to discipline because he disobeyed and needed to know it wasn't ok or to just let him eat his cereal and go on with his day.

After a week of the former I just let him have his cereal and drank my coffee in silence.

Plus, I didn't really see the point in full blown punishment over him exercising his independence. What would that teach him? Absolutely nothing.

So I went on to the next round of tactics: Removal of the unsightly clothes.

(Yeah, I went there. So what?!)

 The first few days were great. He was presentable for school, we had nice mornings, he even combed his hair with out a fuss everyday. It was a dream.

Then reality set in.

He apparently decided that wearing nice clothes wasn't for him and began wearing the ONE semi-nasty outfit he had left EVEY SINGLE DAY. The one with patched holes in the blue jeans and a t-shirt supporting a BBQ and mud stain slightly hidden by a bad camo color.

He had become that kid...again.

And once again I was faced with the decision of giving him his clothes back (so he'd at least have on something clean everyday) or disciplining him for insubordination...again.

But this time I got smart.

I didn't do either. :0D

Oh no.

This time I went shopping and I took him with me!

Brilliant right?!

I reasoned that his pants were getting to be too short and he was in need of some summer clothes (after all, he has grown since last year) and took him shopping for some new things. Which turned out to be wonderful.

He picked out things that he liked. I got to make sure it was new, presentable, and (secretly) that it would match everything else he picked. So no matter what he chooses to put on that day, he matches.

And, BONUS, since he likes what he is wearing, there is no fighting in the mornings. AND he gladly combs his hair.

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

However, now he's onto the next thing he's had hidden away to drive me nuts: Layering his clothes.


Every outfit, every day is layered. Fortunately, all the clothes match so he's at least got that in his favor. But really...what next?

When I asked him why he was doing this he shrugged and responded, "I wanted to wear both."

And there's really not much else to say.

As Michelle H from A Local Wander said, It's preparing me for his grunge, punk, or (to completely throw me off) the up-tight, fashion-diva style he'll decide on in his teenage years.

But whatever this is supposed to teach me, I'm just glad that I learned how to handle this particular challenge now.

Making me better prepared for how to manage the other trials he is destined to place in my path.

As they say, "Know thy enemy."

Game on. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

May will be Spring Cleaning Month!

The month of May will be Spring Cleaning Month here at Mommy, In Demand.

We will be discussing schedules, tips, tricks, and I'll be sharing some of my favorite cleaning products and tools (Of which there are many). And even some much needed updates to my home decor!

But I would also like to hear from you! If you have any tips, tricks, products, ideas, and stories that you'd like to see mentioned during Mommy, In Demand's Spring Cleaning Month then be sure to check out the contact information at top right of the page and share them with me!

As keeping my home clean and organized is a passion for me, I am really excited to see how everyone else works to keep theirs the same. You might even have a better method than I do (and I will totally steal it)!

I can't wait! Hope to see you there! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Haunted Huggies: A Dirty Diaper Mystery

Dirty diapers are a daily occurrence around this house. I can't remember a day in the past 5 years that I haven't changed someone's diaper or cleaned up someone else's poop. Which, as you can guess, has left me with a lot of dirty diaper to dispose.

And while some overly tired, new moms (or overly tired, busy, experienced moms) may forget where they have left a dirty diaper; I can safely say I'm not one of them.

I'm an over the top germ-a-phobe, so the idea of leaving a cluster of bacteria infested deification laying around my home for my toddler to get into disturbs me greatly.

(Which is one of the many reasons I was revolted about my son repainting the bedroom in the Losing My Mind and the Duct Tape post I did a few months back).

So when an opened, revolting smelling, dirty diaper mysteriously appeared on my son's dresser yesterday I was left with chills and questions.

Where did the diaper come from?

Because I know I didn't put it there.

Which is the first sign it wasn't me: The fact that it was there in the first place.

So here's my dirty diaper mystery in a nutshell...

Everyday at 11:00 I put Liam down for his nap. First I make him a bottle, then I change his diaper, sing to him and lay him down.

Well yesterday the diaper was an extremely nasty one. So I vividly remember rolling it up, throwing it away in the kitchen, and thinking that he wasn't allowed to have Nutella on his toast anymore for breakfast.

Fast forward 2 hours.

Liam wakes up at around 1:30ish. I love getting him as soon as he wakes because he's all warm and squishy and loves to cuddle. I noticed the room smelled bad, checked his diaper (which was empty) and told myself that the smell must be lingering from the last diaper. (Yes, it was that bad).

I didn't think anything of it.

So imagine my surprise when I went into his room to put away his laundry moments later and found a dirty diaper opened and sitting on his dresser.

Second sign it was not me: It was not rolled up like I ALWAYS do so the mess doesn't get all over. Husband and I have had conversations about not rolling up the diapers. It's an OCD thing for me (much like the germ thing). I WOULD NOT be leaving diapers laying around. Especially if they are unrolled. It just wouldn't happen.

So I wondered, "Did he change his own diaper?"

I went to check.

And found that his diaper was on perfectly and his butt was clean as a whistle.

Then I got to thinking.

He can't reach the diapers. They are on a shelf, in the closet, above the dresser. Even if he climbed on the dresser (which I've seen him try to do) he isn't tall enough to reach the shelf above it to get to the diapers.

I have to stand on my tip toes to get to them. There's no way he could!

Oh, well maybe the diaper bag then...

Nope. Wrong again.

Hung in the closet and untouched since I put it there on Monday. Still had the 2 diapers I always put in it and still had the sleeper folded nicely.

So how on earth did that dirty diaper get there, you ask?

I have no idea.

My oldest son was in school and husband was at work. So I was alone in the house with my toddler.

We'd also had no visitors yesterday either.

I didn't put it there.

Like I said before, not only was it there to begin with AND unrolled, but I'd put him down for bed and didn't go back into that room until he woke two hours later.

Third sign it wasn't me: Liam is a light sleeper and his door squeaks. Which would wake him up in a heartbeat. (As does people calling my phone, knocking on my front door, or even walking through the hallway heavy-footed). So, short of a fire, NO ONE goes in that room while he's asleep. Mom's orders.

To this day, I still can't think of a single explanation.

Even if Liam did it himself. There's no way, other than flying, he can get to the diapers OR the wipes to change it himself.

And even if he did, how on earth could he put the new one on so perfectly?! He's only 2! 

I told husband about it when he got home from work. Even HE couldn't think of a single way that diaper got changed. And he always has an explanation for anything mysterious.

So the question I'm left with is...


Right now, your guess is as good as mine.

**Am I the only mother this has ever happened to? Please tell me some of your creepy and mysterious children's tales in the comments below. (Even if you found an explanation for it later on).

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Moment of Silence

I just wanted to take a moment of silence for the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. For those who were injured. For those who lost their lives. And for everyone effected directly or indirectly. The hearts of my family and I go out to you.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mom On Strike

Since moving into our new home I have learned a very valuable lesson...if my husband were in charge of cleaning, my home would be considered condemned with in 3 years.

I guess I never realized how fast 3 individuals of the male gender could trash a house.

If you think a Fraternity party can get ugly, swing open the door of Casa de Larios some time and you'll see what it looks like to have no cleaning staff after one of those killer parties.

*Que explosion sound effects*
A good friend once referred to this "messy man syndrome" using the term tornado.

Which just happens to be a perfect description of the men in my life. Tornadoes; leaving little pieces of themselves everywhere they happen to go.

Which makes me wonder. What would happen if I staged a strike?

I picture it being exactly like the movie "Moms on Strike". Just a lot more confusion and a few messy diapers thrown in.

Can't you just see me now? Out front my little gray abode waving a sign and declaring to the world, that I am no longer going to wipe down their nasty, dirty toilets or make them supper that they don't appreciate.

I can. And inside I have butterflies.

And this is all with out the national new headlines or the other mothers joining in.

But I better stop now before I become inspired to do something that would just backlash in this little "man rules the household" community I live in.

I do have to note though, that I can't dis dear, sweet hubby completely.

When he decides to step up, the man can step up!

You should have seen the last time he did decide to clean the bathroom! I walked in and could LITERALLY hear the Halleluiah Chorus. The smell of Pine Sol was never so lovely...
And he's never been so sexy as he is when he's doing the dishes.

The point I'm trying to make is that if it weren't for me constantly going along and picking up behind everyone (Usually the items that I had just picked up 5 mins before), this place would look like the day after a great kegger....minus the booze and naked women.

It's all good though.

In the depths of my closet are some markers and a piece of poster board.

And we all know I have a great and artistic imagination if it's needed.

So, be prepared. If my dishes don't get done tonight, this may not end well...

Is there anything you're significant other does that gets your goat or something that makes them look REALLY good? Please let me know I'm not the only one!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fishin' for a Spring Break Snack

As the weather gets warmer and the greenery of the world emerges again, theres this little traditional joke that schools enjoy playing on parents.

Spring Break.

Now, I remember as a kid this week off from our childhood induced prison being much more fun. Running, playing, screaming, and the lobster skin I'd wear to my first day back to school

But now the roles have switched and instead of a carefree child who gets to enjoy this week, I'm now the older, sophisticated mother who is about to commit a serious crime if my children don't stop running in the house.

Enter a bout of Pint-spiration. (As if there is any other kind).

I trolled through all the ideas for childhood entertainment I have pinned on The Kiddie Corner looking for something that would keep these overly active boys entertained, quiet, and (most importantly) sitting down. (Mainly because I'm unable to kick their butts outside unsupervised just yet.)

But I also had to make sure it was something I had the makings for on hand and that wasn't very time consuming on my end. Because, much as I hate to admit it, I didn't plan ahead for this dastardly week of having both my children home and my chore list was a mile long.

Perfect solution?

An interactive, fishy snack!

What else but something involving food? After all, the best way to a man/boys heart (and his best behavior receptor) is through his tummy!

Everything that I needed was already sitting in my cubboard asking to be used in a creative manner:

Peanut Butter

End of list!

(As you can see by the photo I used whales instead of goldfish because that is what I had on hand and personally, I prefer them to goldfish).

I gathered all the ingredients off my shelf...

...placed them on the plate...

...and served...


When it comes to little boys what is better than an game that you can eat?

Probably nothing (unless it involves a body function).

And the best part? I was able to read 3 whole chapters in my book before this "game" became boring. :0D

If you haven't seen this activity before you can find it on my Pinterest board The Kiddie Corner or you can check it out on the original blog post Creatively Blooming: Fishin' Tales.

*The pictures in this post were edited and made fabulous by me using the Instagram app on my phone*