Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mom On Strike

Since moving into our new home I have learned a very valuable lesson...if my husband were in charge of cleaning, my home would be considered condemned with in 3 years.

I guess I never realized how fast 3 individuals of the male gender could trash a house.

If you think a Fraternity party can get ugly, swing open the door of Casa de Larios some time and you'll see what it looks like to have no cleaning staff after one of those killer parties.

*Que explosion sound effects*
A good friend once referred to this "messy man syndrome" using the term tornado.

Which just happens to be a perfect description of the men in my life. Tornadoes; leaving little pieces of themselves everywhere they happen to go.

Which makes me wonder. What would happen if I staged a strike?

I picture it being exactly like the movie "Moms on Strike". Just a lot more confusion and a few messy diapers thrown in.

Can't you just see me now? Out front my little gray abode waving a sign and declaring to the world, that I am no longer going to wipe down their nasty, dirty toilets or make them supper that they don't appreciate.

I can. And inside I have butterflies.

And this is all with out the national new headlines or the other mothers joining in.

But I better stop now before I become inspired to do something that would just backlash in this little "man rules the household" community I live in.

I do have to note though, that I can't dis dear, sweet hubby completely.

When he decides to step up, the man can step up!

You should have seen the last time he did decide to clean the bathroom! I walked in and could LITERALLY hear the Halleluiah Chorus. The smell of Pine Sol was never so lovely...
And he's never been so sexy as he is when he's doing the dishes.

The point I'm trying to make is that if it weren't for me constantly going along and picking up behind everyone (Usually the items that I had just picked up 5 mins before), this place would look like the day after a great kegger....minus the booze and naked women.

It's all good though.

In the depths of my closet are some markers and a piece of poster board.

And we all know I have a great and artistic imagination if it's needed.

So, be prepared. If my dishes don't get done tonight, this may not end well...

Is there anything you're significant other does that gets your goat or something that makes them look REALLY good? Please let me know I'm not the only one!


  1. ha ha! My hubby is sexy when he cooks. lol

  2. My husband is the opposite. He is way cleaner than me : ). He freaks out when I leave dishes in the sink instead of putting them immediately into the dish washer.

    1. Lol! Sometimes I wish I could be the messy one! :0)

  3. My husband helps with the dishes and laundry, which I love! I was just away for 5 days and you should see what I came home to..3 kids and 7 animals! Yikes.

  4. There is nothing more fantastic than when you see your man cleaning! Conversely, when I walk into the kitchen each morning and see dishes sitting on my counter (next to and not actually in the sink), I feel the instarage! Maybe we can picket line together! ;) Stopping by from SITS.-Ashley

    1. Instarage! Yes!!! I know that feeling! Husband would probably swear that I foam at the mouth too. Thanks for stopping by.


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