Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My 6 Must Have Cleaning Products

Welcome back to Mommy In Demand's Spring Cleaning Month!

How is everyone doing? How was your Mother's Day?

Been keeping up on your Spring Cleaning Challenge? If so then "Snaps" for you! That's awesome!

I do have to admit that I did fall a little behind myself; life just sometimes gets in the way. But this weekend I took the time and got all caught up!

So if you have fallen behind as well DON'T GIVE UP. There is still plenty of time to play catch up and finish with a bang! You can try doing 2 specific things a day, or combine similar items together. Or if that is still a difficulty then stick to the one item a day until you finish. You'll only finish a little behind and there is no harm in that either!

So anyway,

I thought to start this week off I'd share with you 6 of my must have cleaning products! These are some cleaning solutions and certain items that I use every day and can't run a functioning house hold without.

So here they are:

1. Green Works All Purpose Cleaner by Clorox - This is cleaner is at the tip top of my crazy cleaning lady recommendation list. I love this stuff and use it on everything; the stove, the table, the counters, my outdoor table, sometimes the bathroom sinks (if they are just messy and don't need a deep clean), in my microwave, and even mid-week to wipe down the toilet from a certain little boy who forgets to aim. I love that it cleans and doesn't have that chemical smell or the vulgar smell of vinegar. (I'm trying to go "green" with a lot of my products but I can't handle my house reeking of vinegar).

2. Glad Forceflex Febreeze Scented Trash Bags - Again, another product at the top of my list that I will recommend to anyone who asks. (And no, I'm not being paid to say so). I have never seen a trash bag that does what this one does. I can cram this thing full of all our garbage and yuck and it wont tear. Which is awesome since I don't need my newly mopped floor cover in leftovers from last Monday. These bags also have the fresh Febreeze scent (which is FABULOUS) keeping my trash can smelling fresh, even when it's full.

3. Comet - That's right ladies. Comet. Good ole fashioned, making your mouth so clean, tastes like Listerine; Comet. Maybe it's because I grew up using this stuff. Maybe its because I get to sing that ridiculous song every time I clean my bathtub. Or maybe it's because it actually works. But I love Comet. I have tried many other products; some "green" others not so much and I haven't had the same cleaning results as I do when I use this old standby. (It's also great because it works great in the toilet and can be mixed with water to mop the floor if I run out of the special cleaners and don't feel like running to town.) It's also cheap. And who doesn't love that?!

4. and 5. Playtex Dish Gloves and Dish Sponge - When it comes to doing the dishes, cleaning the litterbox, or scrubbing the toilet; there is nothing better than a good ole pair of rubber gloves (and don't worry, I have a different pair for every task...using the same pair is just plain nasty). They keep my from having to touch the yuckiness, which is something I just can't handle, and they help to keep my hands and nails looking fabulous.

My sponge is also a great go to when rinsing off the dishes to throw them in the dishwasher (otherwise known as pre-washing) and for wiping down the sink after doing the dishes. The sponge can reach to the bottom of our tall glasses, where my chubby hands aren't able to, and clean out all the grossness that is there (and wouldn't be if some people would remember to rinse out the glass before putting it in the sink...just saying).

And last but certainly not least:

6. My Swiffer Mop - This mop has proven to be a god-send over and over again. I use both the dry mop and the wet just about every other day on my floors and they are both amazing! I may mop my floors only once a week but that doesn't mean that they don't get a bunch of crud on them in the in-between time. Which is why this light-weight and easily portable mop in great! When I'm done sweeping the floor (with the broom) in the evenings I will pull out the dry mop pads and do a real quick once over. It's amazing what you miss that a broom wont pick up...

Look at all that gross-ness!!! To think I could have left all that on my floor. Ugh!

I know that there are about a TON of really cool methods for making some home made dry pads (and you can find them all on pinterest) but there is just something about the brand named ones that seems to, literally, attract the hair and dirt off the floor (and now I sound like a commercial)! It's amazing. So, for now. I will stick with those.

The wet pads are great for the spot-clean-mopping that I have to do throughout the week. You know what I mean. The little spots that get on the floor from little boy snacks (especially under the baby's booster seat) and mud from shoes as they are brought in on feet "just for a second" to grab something. It's much easier to pull out my swiffer mop and grab all that up real quick, than it is for me to pull out my mop, bucket, etc. (and yes, for this I will often use a wet dish cloth, a designated pad, or even the cool little fleece do-dads that you can make specifically for this mop.

I'm all about easy cleaning. Trust me, as much as it may sound like I like to spend time cleaning (and there are days that I do) I would much rather be watching a movie, sitting on my deck with a soda, or reading a good book than to be cleaning from dawn to dusk.

So when I find a product(s) that works great from me and helps me to get the job done as quick as possible, I'm all over that like kids to candy! And yes, I am trying (slowly but surely) to go green. But, no. I haven't completely made the switch yet. All I can say to that is research, research, research. (And just know, when I find something I'm going to love you will all know about it!)

These are just some of the products I like to use on a daily/weekly basis to keep my home up and running. They all work amazingly for me (or I wouldn't recommend them) and I hope you can find some in this list that could make your life a little easier too!

**If you have a better product that you've found or a better method of doing things please share! I'd love to know about it, try it for myself, and pass it on! Remember, I will be sharing all your tips and tricks at the end of the month! So get to commenting!**


  1. We are obsessed with those trash bags in our house! They rock! And I agree completely about Comet. You just can't beat it! Stopping by from SITS.-Ashley

  2. I've used one of those dish sponge-y things for years. Wouldn't want to be without it. :)

    Stopping by from SITS...love your blog design.

    Now the Comet song is stuck in my head!

  3. I guess I need to get those trash bags! And I don't have a Swiffer either! I need some cleaning magic around here!

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