Thursday, May 9, 2013

How To Clean A Glass Top Stove

In my household, having a clean kitchen is a big deal.

I'm a gerb-a-phobe to the biggest degree and I can't even handle the thought that the place where our food is prepared isn't clean.


I'm getting chills at just typing it.

So needless to say, I have no problem spending large amounts of time in there making sure it's spotless and ready to go for the next meal.

But there's one item in my kitchen that can be the most difficult thing to get clean; my glass top stove.

After cooking certain foods, there's no amount of scrubbing (and no amount of chemical cleaner) that will get the crusted, burnt crap that has imbedded itself into that shiny surface, off.

Lucky for me, I learned a long time ago the secret trick to getting that gunk to disappear without resorting to a razor blade.

Yes, people do that and if you're one of them, STOP! You're ruining the surface of your stove. (RAZOR BAD!)

And, because it's Spring Cleaning Month, I thought I'd share this ever allusive, how-to trick with you.

So here we go.

I usually start out with wiping down the stove before the dirty work begins so I can get rid of all the crumbs and stuff that linger there from the evening meal. Which leaves the stove looking something like this:

(This is unappealing sight is only from one nights' worth of cooking. I went ahead and enhanced my sloppy cooking in order to show you this how-to. Promise, I don't usually make that big a mess.)

This is where the big secret ingredient comes in.

What is that you ask?

I will only tell you if you think you can handle it. I don't need anyone dropping on me, ok?


Baking Soda.

Tada! That's right folks. This little box of white stuff that you keep around for baking and making your fridge smell fresh is also the trick to cleaning your glass top stove. You take this handy dandy little box here and sprinkle a layer of it onto your wiped off stove top. Like so:

(I will sometimes put a little extra over the really tough or thicker spots of crusted up yuck, for a little extra umph.)

Next you grab a towel and run it under some water. It can be a hand towel or a bath towel size, doesn't really matter as long as it covers the desired area. (I go for the bath towel because it not only covers but has more "surface area" when you go to wipe off the baking soda later).

Ring the towel out so that it's not sopping wet but not damp either and lay it over the baking soda on the stove.

Then you wait. From my experience, the longer you wait the better the results. So I usually start this before I do my dishes or at the end of clean up and go do other things (like bed time, sweeping, mopping, or even watch a movie if the demons kids allow it.

After about an hour or so you wipe it all up.

Like I said before, I like the bath towel size because it gives me more clean space (surface area) for wiping. I am able to fold it in half a bajillion times so I can wipe up every last little speck of baking soda and yuck.

(Side note: There may be some places where you will have to do a little old fashion scrubbing, expecially the spots that were thicker or really burnt on, but if make sure to have a good clump of baking soda that you're scrubbing with it'll come up in no time.)

When you're all done wiping your stove top should look something like this:

Although it's clear of any of the yuck and junk from before, as you can see, it still has some nice streakage. But have no fear, this is an easy fix.

Just grab a spray bottle full of your favorite surface cleaner (mine is Green Works All-Purpose Cleaner by Clorox), spray the stove top down and rub off with a dry cloth (or paper towel).


Beautiful, shiny, and (the best part) clean glass top stove. And we didn't accidentally scrape away any of the important stuff on it like we would have if we'd've used a razor blade (BAD!!!).

As I said above, I usually will start this at the beginning of my Weekly Cleaning Routine. or at the end of the night when I'm cleaning up from supper.

I definitely make sure to clean the stove once a week (otherwise, I don't even want to think about the grossness) but most weeks I have to do it a few times for one reason or another.

To me there is nothing worse than a dirty stove top, especially when you are cooking.

This method can, and has been, used on a smaller scale. If you only have a spot that needs cleaning and not the entire stove top, then just put the baking soda over that particular spot and cover with a wash cloth or small hand towel.

And there you have it!

Easy to do and you'll be off to the next chore in your Spring Cleaning Challenge

**Do you have any tricks or tips for cleaning a glass top stove or other house hold appliance? Please share with us in the comments or contact me at I'd love to hear about them and will put all your responses in a post at the end of Spring Cleaning Month! So go on! What are you waiting for?!**


  1. Baking soda! The good ole' standby! I never would have thought to use it. Thanks for posting and saving me a whole lot of scrubbing (for nothing). :)

    1. Your welcome. Isn't it amazing how some of the simplest things in your cleaning arsenal can have the biggest impact?

  2. Thank you!!! We have a stove like this and it looks filthy no matter what I do. I will try this for sure.

    1. Great! You'll have to let me know how it works for you!

  3. What a fantastic tip! I knew baking soda was good for cleaning, but never thought to use it this way. You can bet that I’ll be trying it out this weekend…thanks!

  4. My mom always cleaned her glass top stove with baking soda - it sure is a versatile ingredient, isn't it? :)

    WW: Hatching Spring

  5. Soooo, if you're not busy later I have a kitchen that is calling your name!

  6. I never new baking soda could work such magic. Where have I been?
    Thanks a lot for sharing and congratulations on being featured a SITS!

    1. It is a fun little surprise ingredient isn't it?! I've been known to keep a few boxes around because I use it so often.

  7. I don't have a glass top stove but I do love using baking soda. My favorite use is to put baking soda in a glass bowl with water and then nuke it in the microwave. Let the microwave cool down a bit and then wipe the sides clean. Enjoy your SITS Day.

    1. That's a great tip! I will most definitely be trying that some time! Thanks!!!

  8. I use a special glass top cleaner, but this is a more natural and less expensive way to do it. Thanks for the tip, Kendra!

  9. Baking soda and vinegar are both miracles cleaners, aren't they! If only they could sprinkle and scrub themselves!!

    1. They really are! I just recently came across a home-made all purpose cleaner that uses both in it and I've never used a better cleaner! It just gets all the junk up so easy and I can make it here at home for next to nothing!

  10. Baking soda is tha s*#t! And I gotta give you props for featuring a less-expensive way to clean a stove top like yours! xoxo

  11. Love that you are using baking soda to clean! I will have to let my mom know this as she has a glass stove top. Happy SITS Day!

  12. I use baking soda for things like coffee cup stains. I never thought to try it on my stovetop. Happy belated SITS day!

  13. That's awesome to know, because, yes, gasp, I AM one of those razor/scrapper people! I will try this now. Thanks, and happy SITS day.

  14. What a commendable work you have done, with simplest of language. I can’t resist myself to leave a comment and trust me it’s hard to impress me..


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