Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to School Organization: Backpacks & Lockers

Today's post is one that's near and dear to my heart:


There's just something special about seeing an organized space, no matter where it's located, that gets my heart a-pumpin'. It's a beautiful thing.

And when it comes to going Back to School nothing makes the day go by faster (and with much less stress) than having a great organization system in place.

For moms, this could be in the house, the office, the car, etc. But for kids this usually means having an organized backpack or locker.

So when my son started school last year I sat down and created a list of tips and tricks on how to organize our school supplies and their containers that will make my life (and his) so much easier.

And I thought I share them with you.

Organizing A Backpack:

Organizing a backpack is really the easiest thing in the world to do. Its maintaining it that can be a beast if your don't stay on top of it throughout the year.

And as the mom of any 1st grader (and middle schooler, and high school student...ok, any mother) can tell you it's pretty essential to keep this item organized; for it is the keeper of the supplies, information, and communication.

So here are my tips to organizing (and keeping up with) your child's backpack:

1. Get a backpack with pockets. Lots of them. I know many people think that having more pockets means you're more likely to lose things or forget where you put them. But I've found that the more pockets a backpack has, the more organized I'm able to keep it.

2. Designate those pockets. I give every pocket a specific job. (His glasses case goes in this one, the lunch box here. The tiny one here is for a spare house key, the binder and pencil box here. etc).

I also teach my son what each pocket does (which does take a week or 2) and once he's got it down, we are both better able to find what we need and when we need it. (And as an added bonus, he teaches the teacher!)

3. Assign a spot in your home for the back pack that isn't out of sight. This is something I find important because it helps to establish a decent routine.

You and your child know where the backpack is when you need it. And (even better) they know where to put it when they come home. No more backpacks on the floor!!! But try not to choose a closet or the mudroom in the garage if you can help it; as the saying goes, when it's out of sight its out of mind.

4. Create an evening routine which involves cleaning out the backpack. For me this was easy. While he does his homework, I go through the backpack; clean out the trash, enter important things in my day planner, and put things back in their places if they had been moved.

Organizing A Locker:

Now, unfortunately, I never really got the chance to enjoy organizing a locker.

I only had one for my senior year of high school and because I was clueless to all the "coolness" you could put in one, I never got to use some of the those things they have on the market; but I did use various bags, folders, and labels. Which worked great but wasn't eye popping by any means.

So to help me show you some great ways to do this without making this post much longer, I thought I'd recruit a post from I Heart Organizing (again, just because I love her blog).

Back to School Organization: Pimp My Locker

How cool was that locker?! (And how awesome that she doesn't mind embarrassing her son (because y'all know I'd do the same thing).

But really.

As you can see, it doesn't take much to create a great, organized locker. Just a few quick items and BAM!

But the best part has to be the fact that you can add rhinestones and change colors to "girl-i-fy" this set-up or make it specific to your child and/or the school they attend.

What are some great ways you've found to become and stay organized through out the school year? Are your kids good at helping out or making a mess? 


  1. This is all great! The school year gives me anxiety with 5 kids...because keeping stuff organized! Stopping by from SITS and I just love your blog! fortheirtenderhearts.com

  2. FANTASTIC tips!! My son is a master of locker organization...NOT!!! I saw his locker once last year and it was a SHAMBLES! I never looked again. --Lisa

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